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Good graphic design isn’t just about layout and composition, it’s about bringing all the pieces of the design together so that it’s visually balanced, memorable and informative.

I am a highly experienced and skilled graphic designer who will help you achieve your goals through clear, coherant and consistent creative communications.

But despite the digital revolution, printed media can go far when it comes to promoting companies particularly when it is thought through properly and designed well. I will create eye-catching printed media, including flyers,  brochures, direct mail, bespoke invitations, letterheads and business cards that really can provide impact and hold the attention of the target audiences of my client companies.

Tell Me More

… so why a freelancer?

Businesses are realising that commissioning a design agency is unnecessarily slow, expensive and impersonal, here’s how I differ:

  • Prices that won’t break the bank
  • I will listen to your ideas and advise what’s best for you, not me
  • Quick turn around on small projects
  • I’m reliable, accessible and here when needed
  • The phone is answered by me, not an account manager
  • I will go that extra mile to ensure client satisfaction

If you’re still not sure if a professional freelance designer is right for your business, contact me and I’ll do my best to answer any questions!

What My Client’s Say…

“Jen has produced extremely unique and creative branding for our new company, which has surpassed expectations and ensured that the company stands out from our competitors.”
Mark Ivimy, ParkingInWoking.co.uk
Thanks very much Jen 🙂 A great job speedily done.
Bob Singleton, rockgigphotos.co.uk
“Jen completed our company re-branding in a most professional and collaborative manner and we look forward to working with her again in the near future.”
Paul Barrow, Paragon Construction Group
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