From time to time your Company logo or website will need to be refreshed and rebranded… just like I have recently done!

That could simply be by changing a logo and stationery – however occasionally it could mean a complete transformation of your brand identity (both online and off) including your website theme design.

The process of Company rebranding is not easy and can be complex, it usually requires more than just replacing your wordpress theme and updating some plugins. So with that in mind, here are my recommendations for a smooth and effective rebrand that should allow for minimum disruption when it comes to the big relaunch.

Begin with the launch in mind

  • Make a list of all your old websites urls (page names)
  • Create your test site on the same server to the one you will launch on. This makes sure that your new site doesn’t come up against any major configuration glitches when it goes live
  • Check server settings e.g, the PHP version and keep on top of all WordPress and plugin updates as you go along
  • Remember to noindex (this stops search engines from crawling) your test site whilst you’re working on it, however don’t forget to disable when it’s time to launch!

Think about your offline rebrand

  • Has your logo changed? It’s a good idea to image search your old logo to see if it shows up online anywhere else. If it’s on someone else’s site, get in touch with them about changing it.
  • Social media –  you’ll want to update your branding on all your social media accounts
  • Email Signatures – Lots of people forget to update these, so don’t make the mistake of emailing a new potential client with an old logo and out of date information
  • Favicons – these are also easy to forget but easy to change
  • Emails generated from your website – If these include logos then check all order confirmation emails, support ticket responses, and newsletter confirmations which are sent from an external provider like MailChimp
  • Paypal – If you send customers to PayPal for payments then change the logo that appears whilst checking out. (To do this: PayPal > profile > my selling preferences > payment pages)

There are plugins to make the changeover easier

WordPress duplicator and theme test drive can simplify and minimise any downtime when it comes to launch day;

  • Duplicator enables a simple install process by compressing any wordpress site into a single zip file, and making the re-install as simple as installing wordpress
  • Theme Test Drive makes launching your new site as simple as clicking ‘enable’ on your theme – perfect for simpler, theme-based changes

Backup everything, and ALWAYS TEST!!

  • Use a WordPress plugin like WP2DB (WordPress backup to Dropbox) – to back up regularly behind the scenes whilst you work
  • On top of overall browser testing and proof-reading – test everything from contact forms to purchases, or any other actions that users make on your site
  • The more fresh sets of eyes you get to test your site, the easier and quicker it is to identify any issues. Get other people involved before the launch.

Overall, rebranding a site can be relatively painless with a little forethought and planning. Just be prepared to fix those unpredictable issues immediately following your launch, and don’t launch on Friday afternoon!

Do you need help with your Company’s rebrand? Contact Me and see how I can help you smoothly transition.